10 steps to the Perfect Online Resume

Are you looking out for jobs which are perfect for you, but are confused how to go about it so that it can create a long lasting impression and that too, a good one? This is one dilemma every student seems to face. You seem to have crossed one hurdle and the next one seems to spring up.  This can also apply to people who are seeking a change for the better and need that help to improve their online resume, which they had posted online some time back. Job search becomes more fulfilling if you are able to present a resume which catches the employer’s eye immediately.

Online Jobs

There are innumerable openings for different careers and with such a wide choice; it does get equally confusing for the employers to pick and choose the right candidate. With a competition which seems to be getting tougher by the day, a perfect online resume makes it easier to get online jobs. There is no way a resume can be wrong, the whole concept of presentation is what makes all the difference. Getting ready to be different from the rest is what you should be looking for.

A few steps listed below can make all the difference and your job search will get easier.

1. An online resume search will be able to inform you that there are three types of resumes you can opt for. The first one being functional, where your resume concentrates on the abilities and skills. This approach excludes the names of employers, education history and the dates. The second option being chronological, where the educational and job history is included. You need to make a right choice here. The third option is a combination of both.


We have found most employers preferring the chronological resumes as this format gives the employers a fair idea of the career progression of the applicant. The combination of both, the functional and the chronological resume seems sensible as this includes the important elements of both the resume formats, giving information on the abilities and skills in a chronological order.

2. Format and design

Selecting a format along with the appropriate design which can highlight your important information like your work experience, education and skills which is directly related to the job you applying for, makes a wise choice. A layout which is clean and easy with a professional look, is what most of the employers would like to go through. Giving your name, address, e-mail id and the phone number will help the potential employers get in touch with you easily. Do not include unnecessary information like marital status or weight and height. Keeping your resume short and informative gives more chance to kick start your career.

3. Care

Here we talk about the care you need to take where the grammar and the spellings in your resume are concerned. You cannot afford to be careless in this, as it does make all the difference when the potential employers are going through your resume. An online resume search can help you out with all your doubts when making your resume. Any small mistake in spellings or the grammar in your resume becomes a question mark to your accuracy. Taking care and proof-reading your resume saves you of this and takes you one step closer to your goal.

4. Objective

Grabbing the attention of the employer, you need to make sure your resume is short and clean and that you have an objective in which is worded well and is in short, say two sentences maximum. Reading the advertisement carefully you need to know what the employer is looking for and customize the objective in accordance with this. Online jobs do call for an online resume which is able to impress totally, and does not compel the employer to skip it and go for the next resume. Including keywords is another great idea to be noticed.

5. Work History

Getting the objective section right, you can plan your section which includes your work experience and history. The employers want to know if the experience you have got matches their needs. This section should follow the objective section and should include the dates of the previous employers with the job locations and descriptions of your jobs and the job titles. This should also include your skills and accomplishments, as it goes a long way where careers are concerned. A few additional tips here will give you a fair idea how to go about it.

a) Each position you had before can be listed here.

b) Using language which is specific helps the description perfectly.

c) Listing the achievements and contributions do help in creating the right impression.

d) Going through the job advertisement and using the keywords and terminology mentioned there, adds to the impression you have created.

6. Education

Education does play that important part in your online resume and helps your job search become easier. Listing your dates of attendance and the various degrees you have got, specifying the majors ad minors, will give the employers the knowledge they are on the lookout for.  The most impressive and recent achievement in the education field can be listed first. Knowing what post you have applied for, you can also go ahead and list any courses you have done related to this. Adding additional skills and talents which are, in any which way connected gives you a better chance to be called for the interview.

7. Interest

Keeping the interest of the reader alive in your resume, you need to include any special recognition and rewards relevant to the post. This will make sure to keep you apart as it is not everyone who can boast of accomplishments. This also adds to your skills and potential for leadership. This additional information can be included in your resume in the section of education, or separately. Depends on how you have framed your resume on the whole.

8. Gaps

It is just not done for the work history to have gaps. Like a certain span of time which is not accounted for. You should be able to clarify what you were up to during that time period. In case, you have gone on maternity leave, or a leave for some other reason, it is advisable to state it. This keeps the employer in the know-how of things and does not leave them wondering to the reasons you have taken that specified break.

Talking of work-history, it is sensible to state ten-fifteen years of it, in case you have a longer work history you should be able to divide it put it in two sub-headings, ‘relevant’ and ‘recent’. No one wants to know what you were up to twenty five years back.

9. The Internet

With the internet taking over for a job search, making a resume online and keeping this resume updated constantly will attract the employers and make your hunt for jobs online easy.  Being able to keep printed copies of your resume in hand, this updating of resumes online seems to do the trick. Online resumes are a big help when you need to forward them at a short notice, and also help in networking. Uploading your resume on job search databases and other networking sites is sure to increase exposure and visibility.

10. Research

Wanting to update your resume, it is advisable to take extra effort and do some research before doing so. This is a great help with all the online resume search options available, as it gives you the right advice and guidance to get it right. There are a lot of examples online which can help you adopt the right format for including certain factors in your resume. Going to resume preparation service might be a little costly, but it is totally worth it.

Following the above tips and a few suggestions can make you the perfect candidate for a job you have been seeking since a long time, but were always lagging behind because of the way your resume was presented.


With a lot of unemployment there are thousands of applicants looking out desperately for jobs. They might be having very impressive degrees but the lack of presenting a perfect resume online costs them their jobs. There are various reasons for their resumes not being given a second glance and sadly, found in the trash. A resume which has the same look and format as the previous ten ones hold no interest to the potential employers, and, normally get lost without them being even noticed. Online resumes with a different look and the presentation being a cut above the rest stand more chances with the employers. The benefit of an online resume is, it is delivered as soon as it is sent, that is, within a few seconds, so the employers do not have to wait for the mail. With shortage of time everywhere, this can be responded to immediately, or at least acknowledged.


You can be sure of an online resume speeding up the process of job applying, to a high degree.  Mailing your resume and waiting till there is a reply, is a long drawn process and is extremely taxing and frustrating. With online resumes, it takes a minute to send the resume, and the employer receiving it immediately, there are chances of you knowing whether you are selected or no. With a multiple of online jobs being available, you are able to send your resume to more than one company at the same time. The chances increase tenfold. There is no wastage of time as with traditional resumes, which might take days, or even weeks.


Careers have been a priority once you have completed your education, and searching for the right job becomes the next step. This step being important, online resumes increase your visibility and there are possibilities of the job finding you, instead of you hunting for the job. Posting your resumes on various job sites, besides the networking sites, obviously your chances of getting a right job increase tenfold. You are able to connect more and also get a lot of exposure.

Presenting yourself

With a perfect online resume you can present yourself in a better light as compared to traditional resumes.  A resume which is creative, presents you in a different light, setting you apart from the others, this also exposes your technological skills. A resume on paper is not as attractive as a resume online, since online, you are able to use different layouts, upload your picture, and, at times, even upload a video. The employers are able to get a look on your personality and know what can be expected of you. This makes it known that you are taking that extra trouble to present yourself in the right way.

Employers know more about you

A job search online with an online resume is beneficial to both, the applicant and the employer.  The employers, once getting a hold of your resume, can find out more about you with the activities you are onto online. They are more comfortable having this extra knowledge of the job-seeker.  A simple search on Google and the employers have knowledge of your trustworthiness, communication skills and work ethics.

An Online Resume shows more

Online resumes, by letting you attach your work to them lets the employers understand your work. There are web sites which allow users to add documents, images, spreadsheets and even web addresses to their resumes, and all the employer needs to do is one click. This being extremely convenient is favorable to the employers.

An online resume needs to be computer friendly, something that can be accessed easily without any complications. Making sure there is sufficient place between lines, the resume can look attractive and grasp the attention of the authority immediately. Keeping the above tips and suggestions in mind can bring you in the limelight where the job scene is concerned and soon, before you realize you would have landed the job of your choice.


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