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The days of hoping to find a job by looking through the “Wanted” columns of local newspaper have gone. It is now more convenient and faster to look for a job online.  Online job search can yield results faster, as it provides you with an opportunity to send your resume to more employers. LinkedIn offers some the best online career search facilities.
Why is LinkedIn Important for Career Growth? 
In today’s age of technology, having a LinkedIn profile page can be a valuable tool for job search and career growth. It is the largest professional network in the world that allows you to interact with friends and networking with colleagues and employers.
Many top recruiters and search firms in the job market depend on LinkedIn to get information about potential employees. They search the database of LinkedIn to find out people with relevant skill sets and experience pertaining to their existing requirements.
LinkedIn allows you to create your profile in a search engine friendly way. LinkedIn profiles receive high ranks in Google Page Ranks. You can use this feature as a path to your career advancement.
LinkedIn has over 175 million members in 200 counties. It is far superior that other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as it focuses exclusively on professional contacts. As it is a pure business network, there is little chance of information clutter from small talks, pictures and personal matters.
LinkedIn offers an effective platform where recruiters and hiring managers can easily search for the best talents and job seekers showcase their skills, interests, hobbies and experience.  LinkedIn also offers a new Skills and Expertise field that allows you to ask people in your network to check off categories like technical writing. This helps increase your visibility.
LinkedIn is referral friendly. Employee referrals are the most effective recruiting source. As LinkedIn has numerous related that are not related to online job search, you can visit LinkedIn to benchmark, gain mentors, ask questions and learn more. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to connect with others in the same field.
LinkedIn offers numerous professional learning groups, which you can use to learn and share. It also allows you to create your own group or join an already existing professional group. It offers opportunities to share new ideas and test new approaches.
LinkedIn allows you to poll. Polling a large number of people on professional issues provides you with opportunities to get valuable and up to date information, which could be vital for you career advancement.

2 benefits to using LinkedIn for Job Search
One of the major LinkedIn Benefits is that it makes it easier to search for a job. It offers a new feature-“jobs you may be interested in”. This helps you to know about job openings that the network believes to be suitable on the basis of your LinkedIn profile.
Employers and recruiters advertise jobs in multiple ways on LinkedIn. You can search for a suitable job by simply clicking on the “jobs” tab. You can use the network’s advanced search feature to filter the jobs by industry, function and organization levels. Every LinkedIn Group has its own “Jobs” section. You can find more specific jobs here. More often, you will find jobs in this section that are not advertised in the main Jobs section. These jobs are targeted, so you will have less competition. You can take advantage of this to land a good job.



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