Are Job Opportunities Moving Online?

Job fairs are becoming replaced by online juggernauts such as , , and even

The question is: How do you increase your chances for success in an online job market?

Use an Email account that you access regularly –

Why? Opporunity for jobs move quickly. A hiring manager may view your resume and make a quick decision. If his or her email is lost in an email inbox that you check a few times per year, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to land your next position.

Fill out Your Profile

Why? Your profile information provides a basic introduction and it is searchable within that online job database that you have selected. Other areas to consider adding to your profile are:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • City and State that you live

What tips would you recommend to improve your success in the online job market? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section.


Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

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