Transition 101

Transition 101 provides the latest news and resources designed to empower Active Duty service members to successfully transition and deliver professional and business resources to assist Veterans who have already transitioned with the process of remaining successful as civilians.
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Military Transition 101 Video:

In this Military Transition 101, Shadeed Eleazer breaks down the Obama Administration’s new Veterans Job Bank initiatives which has gained support from leading Job search platforms such as LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Indeed, and social networks such as Twitter to create special additions in order to specifically target Veterans Jobs. Join the Military Transition Group on Facebook for more info.


Overcoming Military Transition Regrets

In this Military Transition 101, Shadeed Eleazer provides 3 strategies for getting past military transition regret and moving on to start a successful career in a civilian job or as an Entrepreneur.

MIlitary Officers transitioning to the civilian world in search of new job opportunities need to leverage their knowledge network, connections, and strengths to be successful. This segment delivered by Shadeed Eleazer will provide Military Officers with the right mindset and attitude to be successful.