How to Overcome Military Transition Regrets

There is a new Military Transition 101 video available on the site. In this segment, 3 strategies are delivered to help servicemembers overpower the incredible regrets that may arise from watching their fellow servicemembers transition sooner or earlier. Its important to note that we all transition when we are ready. View the segment    

Overcoming Career Disappointments

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” This quote by the eternal Robert Frost sums up the Any Resume attitude to helping our clients move past disappointments with past jobs that may have had a less than ideal ending. A solid resume may get you in the door but certain gaps in employment    

Are Job Opportunities Moving Online?

Job fairs are becoming replaced by online juggernauts such as , , and even The question is: How do you increase your chances for success in an online job market? Use an Email account that you access regularly - Why? Opporunity for jobs move quickly. A hiring manager may view your resume and make a quick decision. If his